Automatic Driving Lessons


No gears!
No clutch!
No Stalling!
No Hill Starts!


Katarina Passed First Time!

15 Years Of Experience Teaching Automatic Driving Lessons

Book your first Automatic Driving Lesson In Worcester with a driving school you can trust.

Cheap driving lessons? – Afraid not
Quality Driving Lessons? – Definitely!
Fun Driving Lessons? – Absolutely!

The Hall Of Fame

Just a small selection of people who have passed their driving test FIRST time after taking Automatic Driving Lessons In Worcester.


Passed First Time!!


Passed First Time!!


Passed First Time!!


Passed First Time!!


Passed First Time!!

What People Are Saying

A few reviews from previous pupils....

I can’t thank Lee enough for what he’s done for me. Even with anxiety that has been crippling at times, he has kept me on the right path and helped me pass first time with only 3 minors! I’m so grateful for everything he’s done, he’s a top bloke and we even had a laugh doing it.
Sammie Passed Driving Test
Thank you Lee You are a amazing instructor and have a lot of patience! I will miss our weekly lessons and banter I can't believe I passed first time ❤. I highly recommended Lee
Rebecca Passed - Automatic Driving Lessons Worcester
I can liken lessons with Lee a little like jumping out of a plane and you're not completely sure if you packed a parachute or not.
His smash mouthed approach to teaching throws you almost immediately into the drivers seat (quite literally) until you realise that he's always in complete control.
Learning to drive with Lee has been something I will never forget. In just one year (at the height of the pandemic) I went from being a nervous person to a safe and competent driver. Lee allows you the luxury of not just learning how to pass but learning how to drive.
If you're of the nervous disposition or you simply wish to learn how to become a safe road user then don't hesitate to book a lesson with this guy. (Unless of course you dislike 80's rock music!)
A proper teacher and funny guy.
Automatic Passed

Useful Links For Learning To Drive

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Book Your Theory Test Here

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Book Your Driving Test Here

Automatic Driving Lessons Worcester

Maybe you have tried manual driving lessons and just can’t get on with that awful clutch and gear stick or perhaps you just want to keep thinks quick and simple. Automatic Driving Lessons Worcester is the answer. No stress just a fun time learning to driving in an automatic car.

How much are Automatic Driving Lessons in Worcester?

If you have never sat in the drivers seat of a car before will will do the first 3 lessons at £25 each as they are very basic and might not last the entire hour ( depends on the individual ). One you have completed your 3 basic lessons or perhaps you have already driven before then the price is £35 per hour.

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